Connecting the dreams

Each of us has our own dream, isn't it?

Someone dreams of money, someone - about travel, someone - about health or love...
Whatever your dream, small or large, sublime or quite grounded, it is possible, in most cases, to fulfill it!

But, at times, the goal can not be achieved alone.
What could be done then?

Act now!

Key Features of the Foundation

The «Blockchain» Lottery

A unique opportunity to participate in the weekly, completely random lottery.

Get tickets and win live cash prizes! Only happiness - only RANDOM!

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Need to do good. If you unite all the participants in the system who wish to help each other, then it will be easier to do good deeds.

Ask for help or respond to a neighbor's request right now!

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High reliability

The site is located on a high-performance server that can repel attacks of various kinds.

The data transmitted by users is securely encrypted using an EV-SSL certificate.

Instant payments

Applications for withdrawal of profits are processed instantly. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Operational user support, help in resolving issues.

What all this about

Recently, more and more people are thinking only about themselves and their interests. You agree that many, without even noticing it, are working to create "their own world", forgetting that cooperation is mutual development, kindness and mercy is inner joy and happiness. Why does the thought that together we are stronger, goes farther and farther from the minds of people? Why do we forget about sacrifice and help? Why have we forgotten how to be kind and listen to your heart?

The main goal of Arinaissance is to unite people willing to help each other in the realization of the personal dreams of each participant in the system. 50% of the payments in the Arinaissance investment fund are made on the principle of “previous at the expense of subsequent ones”. Such a “partial reservation” scheme even works in insurance companies, banks and pension funds. There is a lot of evidence. Do not agree? Prove the opposite!

The remaining 50% of the company's turnover is invested in forward-looking business models. One of the most stable areas in the investment portfolio of Arinaissance is an established entertainment business. Food, water, air - all this comes first. And then what? Happiness, joy, the need for fun and relaxation - this will never take away! Arinaissance Fund has an extensive network of entertainment venues and gaming attractions. This direction shows excellent profitability due to the rapid turnover of funds. We never stand still and work on the “Modular Principle”, which helps quickly direct capital to the right branch, even in the face of possible market drawdowns.

Investment offer

Minimum deposit: $1
Term of work of the deposit: 24 24 hours
Net income for the whole period: 111.84%
The principal: included
After 3 days
Minimum deposit: $200
Term of work of the deposit: 3 days
Net income for the whole period: 50%
The principal: return

Partner offer

Leaders must be rewarded.

Become a partner of Arinaissance Fund and earn 7% of the deposits amount of attracted participants.

Detailed statistics and the function “AutoRefBack” will make the process of structure building convenient and transparent.


We have achieved

Working days

Legal Information

The investment activities of the Arinaissance Fund are officially controlled by ARINA LIMITED.

Company number: 03479348

Legal address: Harwood House, Park Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1TX.